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Dogmatic Questions

So I’ve been thinking about religion… trying to figure it out, I guess. I’ve got a couple questions that seem to need answering:

  • How do we have free will? All of our actions are connected biologically to nerve impulses, which are in turn connected to other nerve impulses, chemical gradient changes, and electrical potential changes, in a predictable manner. Where does free will fit in?
  • God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and also created a Tree of Knowledge which he instructed them not to touch. Why? Does this indicate that knowledge is wrong or evil? Was the serpent in the tree Lucifer before or after the great fall (did the great fall happen before or after the separation of the earth from the heavens?)? Were Adam and Eve set up to fail?
  • Why and how does the devil exist? Why throw Lucifer out of heaven instead of uncreate him? How could an angel think such things without God’s knowledge in that he designed them?
  • Is God subject to time?

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