Notre Dame

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On the left, Lyons Hall (female dorm). On the right, Morrissey Manor (male dorm). In between, an archway and nearly 200 years of parietals tradition.
Tucked away back in the woods, I found this. This, is First-Down Moses. Any idea why they call him that? God, Country, Notre Dame. The side-entrance to the Basilica.
Down this path lies the married grad dorms. There's a metaphor here, I'm sure of it... There are ducks all over St. Joseph's Lake. Here's more proof.
A good view over St. Joseph's Lake. Turn ninety degrees right, and it's the path around the lake. Very pretty. This is St. Mary's Lake, right next to St. Joseph's.
This lake is different - it has an island... ...and swans! Now I *know* I'm not in Athens anymore. This is the Grotto. People light candles in it and pray in front of it.
That's Cushing front and center. Attached is Fitzpatrick. Next to Fitz is the law School. Beyond that, dorms... ...and the South Dining Hall, and finally the rec center waaaaay down there.
Touchdown Jesus, on the side of the Library. This is the reflecting pool at the base of Jesus. So's this.
Um. Big Building. Nevermind the sunbather. Moving right along. This is the war memorial (aka: stonehenge). A Wooded Lane through the center of campus, headed toward the Main Building.
This is one of the robots, p2r1. That thing in front is the kicker, as are the wires on top. Basilica Door Cushing Entry Left
Cushing Entry Right Dan and Paul The Board