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September 20, 2007

I wish I had a C-based lock-free hash table...

I recently stumbled across a google tech talk video by a man named Cliff Click Jr. He works for a company named Azul, and he has a blog here This tech talk was all about a lock-free hash table that he’d invented for Azul. The video is here

Lock free hash table? Heck yeah I want a lock free hash table!

Sadly, Cliff’s implementation is Java-only, and relies on some Java memory semantics, but it’s on sourceforge if anyone’s interested.

So, as I began reading up on the subject, I discovered that he’s not the only one interested. In fact, there’s another fellow who has a C-based library here. Only problem? IT’S NOT ACTUALLY LOCK FREE!!! At least, not yet. At the moment it’s a pthread/mutex-based hash table that happens to have all the pthreads stuff ifdef’d out (joy). There are other people out there who talk about it. A fellow from IBM named Maged M. Michael has a paper about how to do lock-free hash tables, and he even has a patent on his particular method, but no implementations appear to be available. Chris Purcell wrote a paper on the topic, which contains pseudocode, but yet again, no implementation.

So it would appear that if I want a lock-free hash table, I’m going to have to implement it myself. But boy, it gets me giddy just thinking about it. :) Pthreads, you’re going down!

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