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May 21, 2006

DaVinci Code

So, this Sunday I went to church at a small church in Norwood (in Cincinnati). It was kinda slow, and the homily was about as fluffy and snooze-inducing as I’ve heard in my short experience. Overall, it seemed like a pretty sleepy place. Then, as part of the announcements just before calling an end to the mass, the priest got very fired up denouncing the DaVinci Code movie as blasphemy and saying how much he disliked it and how strongly he felt about it. I was astonished: having just partaken in the body and blood of Jesus Christ with a bored look, only NOW does he start professing strong feelings? What kind of an example is this priest setting? I was (I am) disappointed in that priest.

Anyway, I saw this cartoon, and I think it encapsulates my feelings about the whole DaVinci Code thing pretty well:

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